Best ways to increase breast expansion size

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Attractive and curvy breasts play a very important role in the beauty of women. Every woman wants to have big and curvy breasts. For this, home remedies to increase the breast size can prove to be very effective. Yes, with the help of a few things in your house, you can increase the size of your breasts and make them attractive and shapely. So let’s know what are the domestic tips to increase breast size …

Olive oil is the way to increase the breast


Massage with olive oil once or twice a day for 20 minutes. Put a few drops of olive oil on both your hands and then massage your hands in circular motion by placing your hands on the breasts. You have to do this about 100 to 300 times before going to sleep in the morning and night. You should do this remedy for one to two months.

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What to eat to increase breast size


Also, to increase the size of breasts, include bananas, strawberries, papaya, soybeans, dry fruits, green vegetables and milk in your diet. Let us tell you that breasts are made up of fat and to get big and shapely breasts, fat is needed on the breast. You can do this by including some things in your diet.


Increasing breast size the natural way is good can boost your self-confidence and keep you relaxed. Here are some frequently asked questions that will shed more light on this topic and some of its other facets.

  1. Does sucking increase breast size?

Absolutely not. Sucking stimulates sex drives and not make your boobs big. Consuming milk products will make it look bigger.

  1. How to increase breast size in 15 days at home? 

Here is what you need to do. It’s simple!

Add estrogen rich foods to your everyday diet. (Apple, Fenugreek seeds, olive oil, oranges, peaches, dairy products, walnuts, ginger, peanuts etc.)

These measures to increase breast expansion are very effective

Regular breast massage. (Increases production of prolactin, a hormone that is responsible for breast enlargement).

Drink dandelion root tea every day. (Helps in growth of new breast cells and tissues). Must be consumed twice daily for better results.

  1. Does breastfeeding make boobs permanently big?

No! A lactating mother’s breasts seem bigger because of its storage of milk in it. After breastfeeding comes to a halt, breast size tends to shrink.

  1. Why does breast size increase after marriage?

Post marriage excitement builds as sex drives increase. During this stage, women’s nipples tend to erect due to sexual arousal. You will begin to notice that there are small veins visible often understood as a sign that breast size is increasing.

  1. How much milk can a boob hold? 

A lactating mother can produce 30ml of milk every day. You will generally witness a rise in the number of milk produced from 30ml to 900ml in 40 days.

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